Hey, posted a version of this pretty recently, and got round to completing the rest of the song, minus the second verse. Lacking EQ in parts really, but still pretty pleased with it. All crit welcome

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I can't give a totally accurate crit because my speakers are so bad... but the guitar sounded good. The vocals could use some work, they are off key sometimes and sometimes he carries the notes for too long or in weird ways. But the voice was still decent, dude.

I listen later with better speakers
I relistened to it, with good speakers.

Guitar and bass are pretty good, dude. Vocals definantely have good (if not perfect) tone, but like a said earlier wrong notes and awkward accentuations(but you may just be doing your interpretation) sometimes. Solo at the end was nice (you got balls to place your solo in one of Fruciante's song). Backing vocals were not up to par.

8.5/10, nice cover
I left a comment on yer site.

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man i hate to do this to you but i have to disqualify you from the RHCP contest, I posted in the rules that you wern't allowed to post your cover before anyone else's, all will be posted on the same date.

However, it was very very excellent. I really enjoyed listening to it.

I hope you can understand that you broke the rules, and I can't let it slide

excellent cover. guitar sounded good, i only noticied a few mistakes i think. bass was awesome. i think you need to turn up the mic recording lead vocals a little, as well as make the drums and the bass louder. the bass should be about as loud as the guitar because it acts as another electric guitar almost. the vocals were pretty good, and i thought it sounded really good because your voice sounds a lot like anthony's. good job!
no worries peaceful rocker, gotta thank your contest for building the motivation for me to do this however, i actually had about a verse and a chorus down before i realised you said "no drums or bass" so i was kinda annoyed. thanks for the crit everyone!
I liked your vocals very much but sometimes its off key. The guitar is spot on. Keep up the good work
nice work man. Loved the vocals, but the words were dragged out at times. Besides that, it was an awesome cover. The guitar was nice along with the drum and bass. Keep it up man!
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technically this was very nice, but not nearly powerful enough. your solo was cool, at the beginning it was a little misled, but it was great after that. nice cover man
Really god, you really sound like Anthony. I'm not a big RHCP fan but this is really cool. All i can say is perhaps try to work on sustaining your vocal notes by breathing a bit more and a bit deeply.. you have great pitch and such a great timbre! Nice work dude.

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It wasn't bad, I really liked how you gave it your own touch. The vocals were nice, quite unique, maybe a little off key at times, but you're a better singer than me at any rate. However, like someone said up there^^^, it wasn't powerful enough for my liking, especially the bridge and solo, more distortion needed there I think. Overall, great effort though.