Lately I'vew realized that my improvising got a little boring and sounds uninspired so I've decided to buy some guitar books to get some new ideas (I never really got into theory).

So I'm looking for some recommandations for some books (with CD) for the following music styles:

I really improvise alot of blues and my technique is well developed, so I want a pretty advanced book. And something that helps me finding new styles to play so I don't sound the same all the time.

Satriani, Vai, etc style:

I like both of their lead styles but can hardly improvise in their style. I'd also need some help playing their more advanced stuff.
If there is a book that teaches a similar style and it's really good I'd be fine with that too, though.


I wanna start learning to play some spanish style leads. So far I can only play most of the Santana leads, one song from the gypsy kings and the song from desperado. Which isn't too much. But I really wanna get into it and maybe finally learn some proper fingerpicking. Would be cool if it style had some mainstream touch to it though, and not only classical spanish music.