Just a quick question...

How would you sweep the two 7's in this?


Would you fret every note"individually" (i.e: for the 8 use 3rd finger, for the 7 on the 2nd string use 1st finger, and for the top 7 use 2nd finger), or bar across 7th fret?

Thanks for any help
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You have to 'tilt' your finger, fretting the F# first and then tilt your finger, letting go, or at least muting the F# and fretting the B. You don't want to bar it and have the notes ring together. Each note should ring seperately

when i do it i sorta roll my finger across the frets so i only fret one string at a time...its hard to explain
Roll your finger. It takes a bit of practice, but once you have it down you'll glad you did.
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