Ok i was bored and decided that i would try to write my first song. Let me no what you think.
Constructive criticism is welcomed.

They beat us down
Surround us with conformity
but we will rise
How can they be so blind

Weve left it too long
Theve become to strong
They rule us all
We think we make a differnce
But yet again
They get their own way

They feed us lies
Expect us to follow them
Yeah we will rise
But not a thig will change


We will fight
We will fight
We will fight
Nothing wil change

Verse 3:
Weve lived our lives
Used to their lies
We think we win
But nothing seems to change
This a good song even if it is just a little bit blatant about it's political message lol. But for your first song it's not that bad, but yeah it would be better if it ryhmed, hope that helped.
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I think this just lacks any real interest, to be honest. There are some spelling and grammar errors in it, which makes any piece less fun to read, but other than that I really didn't read anything that grabbed my attention. It was all a bit repetitive with the "they" and "we" all the time.

But keep it up, sure you'll improve.