oh yea new solo i did it in one take instead of the last one which it was clearly and horribly edited so go check it out and criticize the hell out of it!!!!!!

its the song called "soloist's solo"

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What a talented person.
ok maybe take off some of the distortion, its really fuzzy and incomprehensible, the random slides are a bit annoying, im liking the tapping part although im detecting some hint of EVH. The pinch harmonics are nice but overused, way overused......But overall i really like it
listening to it now... first of all too much gain, it covers up the notes to much... cool lead but it doesnt really peak or build up to anything, you seem to just wonder up and down the fretboard... however i liked the raw-ness and you had some good riffs towards the end... i much prefered the second half, nice job... woh, one take? impressive...
thnx.....and yea i know i overuse the harmonics...i love em though lol....and i tried a new setting on my pedal which gave it more distortion....and the reason it was fuzzy was cus the mic sux...its not my amp....yes EVH is my hero lol so i had to have a little bit of taping in there too
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i can become erect whilst displeasing women

What a talented person.
Its a bit noisy, try to get your muting down a bit better. But decent effort, your chops are coming along good, and there are some good ideas in there.

Sorry I took so long to crit back.
too many harmonics. too much gain but it does help so you can hear the harmonics. the tapping part sounded like you slapped a piece of "eruption into it"(not bit by bit put there is a huge resemblance). i cant sense any structure really which would help a lot. it was pretty good though. my advice would be to play a little faster when youre putting in a lot of pinch harmonics in, try to get some repeating parts (like a bend and hammer-on type thing), and try to get some structure.
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Like has been said, Way too much gain.
Less distortion would help.
Very van halen sounding, i like.
I love the fluidity of it.
Sorrry to say, it doens't fit together too well though. Agian i love harmonics, but less is best.
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