Kind of a dumb title, I know, but it sounds neat to me. I wrote this yesterday, and changed some things around. I think is going to be the final form, but I wanted to get feedback because I haven't written very many songs, and I'm still trying to develop my style.

Oh, and by the way, please rip me up if it's bad.

I see no passion
Among my peers
They would rather
Label all the queers
Supply and demand
Don't work here
How can this
Be bought or sold

New lows are set
All bars are dropped
And we happily reach our new marks
Using greater technology

Crit for crit, I guess.
Highly simplistic but I can imagine it in an aggressvenk burst, gets the point across and I enjoy the direct nature for once.

Maybe you could extend the lines. Such as they would rather label all the gypsies, jews and queers. Maybe you could expand it like that.