What is the purpose of :

a floyd rose.

a tremelo bar

a whammy bar

a truss rod

(any pic would be so helpful for all the above mentioned items so i can recognize them)

ive heard those terms many times and have a vague image of some of them.

thanx guys
a whammy and tremolo bar are the same thing. a floyd rose is a type of whammy bar. a truss rod is a piece of metal running thru your neck so it doesnt warp or whatever
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A whammy/tremelo bar lets you make funny noises with your guitar, a floyd rose lets you make more funny noises and is thus better.
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a floyd rose. - Tremelo brand http://www.musicyo.com/docs/k09.jpg

a tremelo bar - A bar that moves your tailpeice in order to change pitch, even though tremelo is a volume term in music

a whammy bar - same thing as above

a truss rod - A long strip of metal that is used to adjust the relief on your neck. To adjust this there is a hex key slot/screw at the bottom of your guitar neck or on your headstock. May be under a plate.
Floyd Roses are a trem system that locks the string at the bridge and at the nut, giving you great tuning stability even if you use the trem a lot.
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