whats the difference between a crybaby and crybaby classic and the other models?
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Crybabys suck.

Crybaby Classics have Fasel inductors, and are therefore better-sounding, and creat for Classic rock.

Crybaby 535Q have the Q knob and a boost, so it can wah however you want.

Crybaby From Hell are basically meaner-sounding 535Qs

Wylde Wahs are Jimi Hendrix wahs, but prettier

Jimi Hendrix wahs have a Fasel and a boost (or is it fuzz? I don' remember)
^The hendrix wah is just differently voiced. There's also a hendrix fuzz wah, which of course has a fuzz.
I've got an "Original Crybaby", it's pretty much crap, as I said somewhere else, it wahs, but it doesn't WAH.
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