Hey all, just thought I'd try something for fun. I recorded some of Dazed and Confused, starring my violin bow. I recorded it on a voice recorder and then realized I didn't have the right cable, so this went from the voice recorder through its little speaker into the chat microphone on my computer into audacity. Don't expect any sound quality, it was just for fun.
Gear used:
Gibson LP Standard w/modded pickups, in bridge position
Keeley Javaboost, on treble boost channel
Crybaby 535Q wah
Dunlop Brass Slide
Cube 30 modeling an AC30, with just a touch of reverb
HR Pfretchner Studio violin bow (Cost more than my guitar!)

Feel free to crit my playing/bow technique, it was done by ear and improv so the notes are different from Jimmy's version. Enjoy!

Edit: You'll want a link, won't you?

I really wanted video... I don't think Mr.Paige sounded very good with a violin bow either. Definitly different.
My Gear-
Gibson SG Junior
52' Hot Rod Tele
American Deluxe Strat
Yamaha Cg-104
Fender Twin (white)
Boss CH1
Boss OC-3
DOD overdrive
Fulltone OCD
Arbiter Fuzz Face
Vox Wah
BBE Sonic Stomp
Dunlop Univibe
why would you spend 3K or more on a violin bow when bows literally fall apart when used on steel strings?

other than that its pretty cool
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^I didn't spend 3 grand. It was $900, and I use it for violin, so it's not like I only use it for this. And they don't fall apart if you know how to do it right. I also use rollerwound strings which keep the bow hairs from pulling out.