I was once scrolling thru the left-hand side of the radio dial one morning, and quite possibly opened a portal to the 9th ring of hell. What issued forth from the speakers still terrorizes my waking eyes.

I have NEVER heard anything like this before. it was a song-ending guitar solo. Truely, the only way to describe it was "demon-driven". It wasn't Morbid Angel-style, nor Slayer-style. It would have complemented Malevolent Creation-style, specifically Dominated Resurgency, Stillborn, Ethnic Cleansing or Disciple of Abhorrance. I've heard that their first 2 albums were among their best, but I only have Stillborn (which ironically is my favorite), the Best Of album wich only contains a selection from the first 3, and Warkult.

The technique was VERY accurate. Every note was defined. Very fast. All over the neck, and changing frequently. not just higher end of the scale.

Does this sound remotely familiar?

I am desperate. Like a heroin addict in the the grip of withdrawal, on his knees prepared to do absolutely anything.
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Was it Right to the end of the song? Because if you'd just recently heard it i'm thinking it might be 'Strapping Young Lad - Wrong Side', that solo finishes about 10-20 seconds before the end and thats frantic as hell.

Nevermore would also make sense. But I can't think which song it would be.

I'll look into it a bit more.
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i'm donwloading gunshot right now, and it just isn't it. I think it was longer than 20 sec. and i certainly didn't catch the start of the solo. the radio station was an indie/college station. certainly not one of the mainstream ones.

those other bands? never heard of them except for nevermore. listening to NM now, and doesn't sound them either.

this thing was so extreme, and i wasn't even stoned on reefer.

i thank you for your help.
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could only find a few songs from necro and dethroned, but it didn't sound like their style either.

I was convinced it was MC, that's why i bought the warkult and best of albums. because all i had at that point was stillborn

does anybody have their first 2 albums, and do they have a song that ends in an extended guitar solo that my description suites?
couldn't find any clips for wrong side, or even which album its on. but they sure do have some funny song titles
It's off the new album. So unless you have access to Torrents/P2P. You won't be able to hear it yet. Unless you're lucky enough to catch it on Internet radio or something.

I'm still stumped for now though. Especially by the fact you heard it on the radio...
Disclaimer: Dyer's Eve can not be held responsible for the loss of time spent or the insult to your aural senses as a result of exploring this link
not metallica at all. it was an indie/college/non-commercial radio station way on the left side of the dial.
Sorry to say seth, but it could be ANYTHING. It's pretty damn hard to figure out what the solo of one song you heard is amongst 1345631497659x metal songs. If you have a pretty damn good idea of the melody, you could always tab it to give us an idea if not, it's almost a lost cause.
Maybe one day you and the solo will reunite and become eternal best friends.

Or if you remember the station/time you could find out what college or w/e played it and go down there anjd see if they can help you. Might sound kinda stupid but they probably have a list of songs they played at the time.
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yeah, gman, found their phone number and email address. called and emailed more than once with no response.

and i realize this is an almost impossible question to answer. but i was so convinced is was malevolent creation.
listen to necrophagist
your description of the solo sounds like them to a t.
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