Okay people, here is the best way for everyone to give his opinion on every brand of guitar and which is his favorite Model without making Vs. Comparisons.

Note the following:

Favorite Gibson

Favorite Fender

Favorite Ibanez
I like the Gibson Telecaster, the Fender Fly, and the Ibanez BluesHawk.

er Gibson SG Supreme
Fender Butterscotch 50's tele

and i hate ibanez, but if i had to chose it wud be the Jem
Martin 0001
Fender Stratacoustic

Gibson SG Special Faded (Mod)

DOD ICE IT 60 Watt
ZOOM 606II Guitar
meh...fender sux the big one
gibson....they are a gamble, sometimes great sumtimes suck
ibanez...ibanez is the shiz, i play the RG series myself but only cuz i cant afford the S sereies :P the JSx models are my dream guitars xD i also like schectar.
if old people hate it i probably masturbate to it. thats just the way i roll. xD
Gibson: 59 LP in tobacco burst.
Fender: Ash tele w/a bigsby
Ibanez: Sorry. Not a fan. I guess an artcore.
Gibson: 1950's LP Standard Goldtop
Fender: Meh, American Stratocaster
Ibanez: Paul Gilberts sig.
Gibson Les Paul standard premium plus

Fender American deluxe telecaster

Ibanez - Im not very familiar with those, so i guess i'll have to say SZ520QM.. The best ibanez model i've ever tried
Gibson: Gibson 1957 Les Paul Custom
fender: American Stratocaster/i rather take ESP snappers instead or japanese fenders
Ibanez (favorite): RG 8470 Onyx Black J-Custom

ESP snappers own fender anyday. Esp and Ibanez are the newest evolution of guitars for this new century *cough*. And dont forget our lovely schecters never tried one but the price on them are pretty good. anyways peace
Just an influence.
Gibson - Flying V or SG since lespauls suck (imo)
Fender - Ash strat
Ibanez - USA Custom or RG3120
Jackson SL3 Soloist
89' Ibanez RG570
Vader 4x12 Cabinet
Line 6 HD147 Head
6space HEAD/RACK case
Korg DTR1000 Rack Tuner
Furman Power Conditioner
ISP Decimator
Gibson-Most LPs, specifically though, the studio
Fender-Im not really a Fender liker, but I do like the look and sound of a deluxe strat
Ibanez-Got to be the JEM7V or any Prestige

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Gibson Firebird!!!
Fender Telecaster (I like the one with the Bigsby)
Ibanez, Yah I don't know jack **** about Ibanez. I've played a few, they were nice, but nothing special.
Current Rig:
Gibson Firebird Studio
Limited Edition Schecter 35th Anniversary C-1
Schecter Jeff Loomis Signature 7 FR
Ashdown Fallen Angel
Custom 7 Firebird from Ignition Custom Guitars (check them out)
ESP Phoenix
Quote by Roc8995

yeah somehow I can never seem to remember those numberes :P

actually though, it would be very close to my current ultimate dream rig.

Gibson ES through a Vox AC30
Fender Telecaster through a Fender Blues Deluxe
Ibanez SZ through a Mesa

(and an AD50VT for home situations)
Gibson Les Paul Studio/Custom in Alpine White

Fender Standard Strat in red with black pickguard

Ibanez Mick Thompson Signature
~ My Gear ~

Gibson Les Paul Studio in Alpine White with EMG 81/60
Fender Stratocaster
Marshall DSL401
Boss Metal Zone MT-2
Boss Super Overdrive SD-1
Boss Noise Suppressor NS-2
Digitech RP80
Samson Wireless
Fender Champions Series 30
Favorite Gibson- ES-335

Favorite Fender- Stevie Ray strat

Favorite Ibanez- dunno i havent liked any ibanez enough to remember the name
Gibson Flying V
Fender American Telecaster Butterscotch
Ibanez Paul Gilbert signature
Looking to buy a Fender Jagstang, u sellin?
Gibson: Les Paul Standard Double-Cut

Fender: '62 Jazzmaster

Ibanez: SZ320
Gibson: Not a big fan of those but ill have to choose an explorer
Fender: MIM Strat in olympic white
Ibanez: S470

ESP Ltd Ex-50
Jackson DK2M(Coming Soon)
Laney Mxd120
Digitech Rp100 Effects Pedal
Gibson - ES-335 owns all. Screw your LPs and SGs.
Fender - American Series Telecaster. Some traditions exist for a reason.
Ibanez - bah, who plays those crappy things? Just kidding. I know you shredders need a brand with flat fretboards and no soul to do your noodling on. I'll pick...umm...the Jem, just because.
PRS - McCarty Archtop, FTW.
Hi, I'm Peter
Favorite Gibson?
1980 The "SG" (Standard) [probably a tie between this and an ES-335 archtop]

I will soon have one of those in my posession.

Favorite Fender?

What a nice Tele!

Favorite Ibanez? Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez's custom AX120
Favorite Gibson - Les Paul Classic. That's why I bought it.

Favorite Fender - Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster. Preferably an old one.

Favorite Ibanez - SA2120MH the best Ibanez, but still not rich enough in sound. All Ibanes feels like toys compared to Gibson.
gibson les paul standard double cutaway
fender american deluxe fat strat
ibanez rg prestige. don't know the numbers and sh1t.

Schecter C1 Classic - drop C - .11's
Ibanez rg321 (emg 81/85) - drop D - .10's
Peavey 6505+
Peavey XXX 412 cab
Crate VTX212b Combo - practice amp.
ibanez TS9

Gibson SG
Fender Fat Strat
Ibanez JEM
Schecter C-1 Classic (Antique Amber)
Ibanez JEM 7VWH
Crate Palamino Class A tube combo
Digitech RP80 Multieffects pedal
Ibanez TS9 DX Tube Screamer
Gibson - ES335 or LP Custom, can't decide
Fender - American Deluxe Stratocaster
Ibanez - JEM7VWH
strat player forever.
Favorite Gibson: SG, any kind

Favorite Fender:Mustang or HSS strat

Favorite Ibanez: Joe striani JS-100
Gibson SG Supreme
Fender American Deluxe Fat Strat
Ibanez JS1200
My Gear:
American Deluxe HSS Strat
Crate GT212
Vintage '66 Fender Champ Amp
Dunlop Crybaby 535Q
Jekyll & Hyde Ultimate Overdrive
Vintage '74 MXR Script Phase 90
Vintage '77 MXR Flanger
Orange Squeezer (clone)