Beauty lies in minimalism. Nothing could describe my point better than a Jack Johnson song. My current Jack Johnson favorite, symbol in my driveway, being more specific. It?s the last song of the album, the traditionally designated spot for the ?filler?. But good music can never be overlooked no matter where it lies.

The first few seconds is all the song requires to set a perfect melancholy which stays for the next three odd minutes.

When you bring something to this world you involuntarily imbibe parental responsibilities, be it your offspring, be it a book, be it a song, be it a word, be it a symbol. It?s one of those things you can look back when you?re withering and be happy that yours wasn?t a futile existence. I wonder if Jack Johnson felt the same about his song. But he?s shared it with the world; he?s shared it with me. I?ve adopted it. It?s my precious. I don?t want it to fall in wrong hands, hands which fail to see its immaculate beauty.

But I know I?m only human. I know my children are going to look ugly to me one day. It?s the day every parent dreads, the day when human emotion forces to hate. Other children will start looking much prettier, much perfect. Your senses say its time to move on, time to abandon it, time to lose it to the big nothing. Its time for it to find new people, new homes. But in some murky corner of your heart you know it?s going to come back to you one day just to make you smile.

Such is the human life; rolling your boulder just to reach the top of the eternal mountain.
...The Lamb Of God
Quote by Sir Edwin CBE
This doesn't contribute anything apart from that minimalistic music can be good. Jack Johnson is such an example.

Well the point was never to contribute. It was just to sit and jot down the first few things that the song made me think about. I'm trying to do the same with some other songs. I'll post them in the near future. Hoping some one who liked the idea will do the same too!