theres already a thread on this somewhere
you cant spell manslaughter without laughter

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haha the best part is the chorus, girl singers annoy me so much. they should practise some more especially since the intro was almost unrecognisable
meh...they're just kids, but no bass? female singing kurt cobain? whaaaaaaaack.
School children washing cars for charity, is there anything more arousing?
they rock!
you can actually see members of the audience cringing and laughing
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I actually found it to be quite funny. Damn, why can't more kids play classic songs terribly, I need to laugh damnit!!
Why is this in the Classic Rock forum?

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you sir, are funny as hell.

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Why is this in the Classic Rock forum?


Good question !

But it was acctually pretty fun...
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHhh hahaha! How is that possible? Never seen a song covered as badly as that before in my life. Would've been better as a drum instrumental. Fortunate that the kid's guitar amp kept ****ing up on him, just wish the singer's did the same.
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