I own a marshall tsl100.I was jaming with my friend a while ago and i didn't even have the volume up high but i was playing away and something blew in my amp,there was a flash.The top of the amp was seriously hot and one of the tubes looks like theres smoke inside it.

Did i just brake a tube if so does anyone know where i can find a walkthrough on how to bypase a marshall tsl100.
I don't think the fuse went.
Is there anything seriously wrong with my amp or is it just a tube im really worried.

You might have blown a power tube. In that case, you'll need a whole new set of tubes.
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I have a new set of tubes alright i just don't know how to bypase the amp.Anyone know where i can get a walkthrough?
Also im'm not 100% sure it's a tube so if i put in new tubes i don't want to blow them too