Ive noticed whenever somone asks 'How Do I Record My Guitar', someone post something saying get a jack-line adapter and plug it straight in to the mic line in slot

The mic slot isnt designed for Guitars, and there are many reasons why not to do it...

1. Its almost inescapable getting a boomy recording, becuase its too loud and too bassy, and often results in that annoying crackling sound.

2. Alot of Interference, again its inevitable getting that fuzz in the background.



Reasons for Using Micing...

1. You can actually hear what your playing without having to get your PC to compute the sound.

2.Much better tones, clean and distorted.

3. IF its a half decent MIC then you get no fuzz or interference, althoug you should make sure that there are no phase problems.

4. Once you have a recording with no fuzz, and a decent volume, you can edit it very profesionally.

the tutorial here is very useful and interesting...

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After you've got you're guitar track, there are many effects you can add to improve the sound, they are:-

- Compressing:- Gives the track more profesional sound, boosts the volume without boosting background noise, so before you cranck the track to full volume, try compressing it.

- DeEssing:- Useful for vocals, taking out the s noise.

- EQing:- Boosts higher or lower frequencies.

I would really suggest Compressing tracks, if you want to learn how to do this in Cubase PM me.