Keep in mind that it's an active system so if you have passice electronics you'll need to change the whole thing.
Claptons strat is a combe of the amp he plays, a vintage Marshall, and the circuitry. So theoretically no, it wont sound like Claptons strat but it will give you the mid decible boost that his guitar has. The only way to truely get his sound would be to cut off his arms, glue them to your shoulders, steal his guitar and amp, and start praying that you would sound like him....lol
Yeah it would sorry wrong link....Oops my bad. But actually I've seen Clapton live twice and both times he is using a Marshall amp. I dont know if thats only for live shows and maybe he uses a Fender in the studio, but when I've seen him live he uses a Marshall. I dont know. Let me go through my favs and when I find the mid boost circuit I will post it.
hes also using cornells. what I did was ask my father to design a midboost circuit, he designed a better one than clapton's. 27Db, not 25.
strat player forever.