I don't have much money to spend on an amp as i went overboard on the guitar.
I like to play death metal and shred, was wonderin what this amps like?
Any reccomendations for the £150 price range?

Cheers guys.
i say get the cube 30, cause its better for heavy metal then the vox ad30vt. Even though i own a vox.

EDIT: link http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Roland-Cube-30-1x10-30W-with-COSM-and-EFX-Guitar-Combo-Amp?sku=480023
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For the music you wanna' play, go for the Cube.
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seconded. or maybe thirded. i have a vox, and the heavier sounds on it sound kinda woolly. i only use the clean(ish) ones though.
That, and the stock speaker on the AD30VT blows. Go Cube, young man. Go Cube.
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yeah.. the ad30vt is really good for cleans... but not heavy stuff.. i have one and i bought a mt2 metal zone for it..
id probably go for the cube for metal..