I have tried to follow the discussion, usually concerning EMG's, but Im still not clear on the different sound these pickups produce.

If you used the same guitar, and everything else was equal, what difference would you notice using active EMG's vs Seymour Duncan's if you wanted to play metal, Metallica-Godsmack kind of stuff.

I have a guitar coming in ( a hellraiser) and thought that was exactly what I was looking for, but I have a few weeks and can change to a different model with the Sey/Dun and want to make sure I do it right.

I'm guessing you are comparing the EMGs to the JB/Jazz combo.

EMGs are going to be way better for high gain music. The Hellraiser should suit you fine.
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i dont know about if anyone has listened to those two kinds of pickups playing together. the best seymore duncans are Livewire Metals. even though it is a 16 volt system (you have 2 nine volt batteries powering one pickup instead of and EMG's one) it is amazing sounding system. it defenitley is a great sounding system for metal. but EMG's are also amazing, both would suit a les paul very well. the Livewires are more high gain, but not buzzy, which basically means they get that real screaming sound like killswitch engage.
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