i need help makin a good, dark, acoustic mystical riff, no luck so far, but im goin for soemthing like the one form avalanche by matt good.
So wouldn't a logical idea be to get off the forum and play your guitar?

Anywho, as far as advice goes, just play that riff over and over. Once you know it forward and backward, just sit, jam and let your creative juices flow. If all you've been playing is this "dark mystical" riff, then that's what your brain should be focused in on. And so you should have an easier time finding something you like. In my experience it's always harder to sit down with the intention of making a good riff and actually do it, as opposed to just jamming with yourself.
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Try dinking around with Tritones... Augmented 4ths/Diminished 5ths.
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minor chords If you add like a 9th it's very spooky sounding.
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E, E7, to this chord that I don't know the name of :


to this (I think it's Cadd9)

try some alternate tunings that sound dark to begin with... such as half step down, open c, drop c, drop d, and open c half step down

after that play around with some minor chord progressions. if you can record a simple one and loop it. then play lead over it. you outta come up with something.