Hey guys,

I've been a rhythm player for years, and I've recently turned lead... Been trying for about three months... Just wondering if anyone could listen to this lil solo I recorded... I know it's fairly basic compared to all you shredders, but if you could comment on my technique, suggest where I could improve, etc, I'd be SO grateful.

Peace out.

http://jimmyfowler.dmusic.com/ - Bayside solo.
First of all, a lot of messiness for this difficulty of a solo (Not High). also your bends dont have the right pitch.
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I have a few suggestions for you man. And by the way I know just how you feel I've only been lead for about 5 months. Anyways most of the stuff by Jack from Bayside is from the blues scale. It's called minor pentatonic or something like that. I'm not too hip on all the terms. Anyways learning that really helps. Also on the bends most of them are full bends instead of half bends and what that means is that when you bend each note, the note that you bend should bend up to sound the exact same as the fret above it. So an 8, 8, 10, 10bend, should sound kind of like an 8, 8, 10, 10 slide to 11 slide to 10. I've been working on tabbing some bayside and it's my first attemp at tabbing and my first attempt at using guitar pro. If you have guitar pro though I would be happy to email you They Look Like Strong Hands. At least the portion I have comleted. If you have tabbed any bayside I would love for you to send them to me.