Alright, my last thread was about Derek Trucks. Now that I know he plays in Open E, I need to figure out how to play in open E, and what types of scales I can play.

I can't find any tab of Derek Trucks anywhere. I also can't find any lessons or explanations of Open E. I can play slide guitar, I just don't know how to play it in Open E.

If any of you know a site with lessons or tabs that would be great. Or you could explain some thins here in this thread.
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Well, there is a small program i use called "ScaleTool Lite". You can set the tuning, and it will display the scales for the key and mode you choose. So that way, if you set the tuning (which falls under "Fretboard Setup" i believe), you will still be able to play all the usual major, minor, harmonic major, scales and such.

Although, I'm not a open tuning sort of guy; I'd assume you'd still have to adapt the style to fit this instead of just using the scales, otherwise it'd just be an awkward version of playing the exact same style.
www.jguitar.com allows you to switch the tuning i'm pretty sure and still search up all the chords and scales and such.
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You can use any scale you want. Just because your open strings are tuned a certain way doesn't mean you can't use your slide to get all the other notes.