Alrit guys,
can any1 tell me about the fender princeton chrous? is it tube?? is it good for blues??
i heard a guy the other day play one live, it sounded good, had a bluesy type sound. (or maybe that was the Ibanez GRX20). I'm not sure if its tube or not, but im sure somebody else here will give u more info than me. My best idea is find one, and try it out for yourself.
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The school I go to has a Princton Chorus, and it is solid state, and sounds ok. The overdrive is a bit grainy, but who in their right mind uses amp distortion anyway? it has two 12'' speaks and the highlight of the amp is definately the clean channel. I would recommend it, unless you want a lot of distortion without a pedal, or a tube sound.
The original Princeton was a tube practice amp, and if you can find one that's in good shape, you'll have an excellent amp. It's only got one 12" speaker, so you'll need to mic it even in a small venue. It's got a good clean tone for blues. You probably wouldn't play Metallica through it.

Avoid the new Princeton with all the DSP crap. That's just my opinion. Fender wouldn't offer it if no one liked it.

For the money, I'd buy a Blues Jr. It's all tube and the same size as the Princeton.
Quote by Dudage
but who in their right mind uses amp distortion anyway?

Ummm, just about everyone....ever.
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^ Not true. But the old fender "red knob" series are prettey decent from what I've heard.
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