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the words

I?ve seen rainbows that never end
Kids that get ponies and aren?t satisfied yet.
I?ve seen rich men cry, and I thought money was all they wanted.
There?s been a million sunny days In my lifetime that I?ve missed
I know, because I?ve counted every single one of them.
There is still something missing yet,
That every one wants to get.
And if Wal-mart doesn?t sell it,
Then I guess we?re out of luck,
We?re all out of luck
Because what we?re missing is love.
Love for our families,
Love for our friends,
For the lives we get to live.
Love for the days when it doesn?t rain,
And The days that it does.
I guess I?m one more person who can?t stop thinking about love.
I?m always thinking about love.
And how today is the perfect day,
To say I love you.
Love thy neighbor, thy fellow man,
The kid across the street,
your best friend.
Your best friend
Because that?s all you?ve got,
Don?t forget it.

Say I love you,
Say I care.
Say I?ll be there.
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Quote by GOD*OF*ROCK
lol man plz dont take this the wrong way but you really cant rap.
....... you need to get your rythm down. your singing doesn't sync up with your guitar. your lyrics just dont fit well and they aren't very catchy. there is no definate song structure (as in no verse, chorus, bridge etc.). while song structure like that isnt manditory, it might help. only good thing that i can say is that the sound quality of the actual recording (not the song) was good.
since this is a crit for crit, i can only give you a link to my stuff: dan-o.dmusic.com tell me what you think via AIM my sn is mrmetalhead999. (i havnt added to my dmusic in a while so most of the stuff there is relatively old)
the downfall of UG...........

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Who the heck is Ronnie James Dio? I vote Bruce

good song writing, vocals need a bit more emphasis. if you need critism on vocal work im not the person for it caus i make kids cry when i open my mouth.

musically the chords fit in alright, but the rhythm could be improved. i believe you recorded singing while playing the guitar so good job on not overpowering one thing with the other and good recording quality. you could just record the guitar then sing over the recording allowing you to concentrate more on one aspect at a time.

hope my comments where useful.

my latest track is here and also deprived of critism,
Perhaps if you first record your guitar to a backing track, then record vocals after? It sounded pretty good; the vocals were a bit out-of-sync...bit of pitchiness happening. Nothing practice won't fix. Perhaps think about transposing the key up a bit, so that the notes are more within your range.

Crit for crit?
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You've got quite a throaty voice. I like it - it can be very raw emotional.

Crit would be what everyones said - the fact that the singing and guitar don't gel. Have you been playing for long?

Having said that - I really like the lyrics and with more work you could definitely go places with this!
really good lyrics
ur singing is very decent, ur voice is good, but myabe u should be a bit more adventorous - ur singing is quite repetitive
the music is fantastic, but u need a little mor epractice palying as u sing - but that will come

overall, very good..alot of potential
My true opinion: I thought you were taking the piss
My constructive criticism: The lyrics were out of time with guitar and there was a really wooden melody and it sounds like your balls have just dropped