If you take the frets out of a guitar neck will it make it weaker? I have heard that with out the frets it is much more likely for the strings too put too much tension on the neck and cause it to break is this true. And if not how do I pull out the fret wire?
why would you want to take the frets off, its a pain in the @$$ and it makes it harder to play.
why dont you just raise the action then re-intonate the neck it would work for slide perfectly and woulnt damage the neck or lead to hours of work trying to un fret, but it is possible to remove the frets.
I did raise the action but I want to take out the frets so it looks cooler. If you dont know how to do it, just say I dont know how to take out fret wire so sorry I cant help you.
oh ok well if your set on doing it, use a soldering iorn or a hairdryer to heat up the fret, then take a small slot skrewdriver and a small hammer and gentley tap the fret out.
I'm sorry you've been dealing with retards ClaptonRules... ok, you will need this tool or similar if you want to take all the fret out, or this one is you want to leave a strip of metal to be seen...

Then i would suggest taking out teh frets altogether and filling in the slots somehow, what material is your neck? I love the look of lacquerd fretless necks...

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Heating up the fret loosens any glue that maybe in the slot and releases oil in the wood to help the fret come out easier. You don't want to use a screwdriver and hammer to tap it out though, your sure to chip the fret slots. Once the fret is hot, use the tool dookie suggests, or you start to pull up the fret with a thin blade and finish it up with pliers.

Taking out the frets won't make the neck weaker.
Taking out the frets will cause the neck to bow a little bit. Usually people will cut a wider slot and fill it with wood which will put the stiffnes back in the neck.
yea um it doesnt tae hours and its not a pain in the ass, heat up the fret with a soldering iron, then use a flathead screwdriver, (small one) to pry it out, becarefull of the fretboard tho, if you want you can refile the fret spots and glue in pine to contrast the rosewood with pine, look up Lespaulmarshall's bass rebuild, he did it fretless
I saw the bass build and thats where I got the idea to remove the frets. But I was only gonna do it for a slide guitar. Will it also work for a regular play guitar. How will it affect fretting notes and bending? Will I need to adjust the action?

By the way, the fret board is rosewood.

Also should I buy a cheap neck to try this out on before I go ripping the frets out of my good neck?
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you won't need to bend notes, as a slide will be identicle to a bend.
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fretless gutiars sound really cool imo... check out the solo in Freak Kitchin's 'Speak When Spoken To', and i'm sure many more heard of guitar players', names of which escape me for some reason...

Yes, ideally you'd want your action q a bit higher for slide than that of fretless playing... Have you ever thought of purchasing/making a lap steel for your slide needs?

Yeah I think a fretless neck is awesome looking. But no I have never thought of making a lap steel. I wouldnt even knoe how to go about making one. I usually just use a Tele and an old Coricidin bottle. How do lap steels work as oppose to a regular guitar?
You put them on your lap, with the fretboard horizontal. You don't put your hand around the neck. They're played in an almost piano-like position.
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Can you use a regular guitar as a lap steel? Would I need to change the strings? What about stock Tele pickups, would they work? Also would I need those dumb little finger pick things?
If it's a guitar played like that, usually they're called lap guitars, even tho the reason pedal and lap 'steels' get their name is not because of the material they are made out of, but the device using as the slide in the right hand... funnily enough, it's steel...

Lap steel are slighty diff, the body and neck are one slab:

As you see, there is a really high action, no frets, and usually a single coil, yer, the tele pup would be perfect for it, so wood the control plate ans electronics frm the tele... Lap steels are the easiest guitar to make IMO, there's less to worry about if u get it wrong, things like when marking the frets, if you have a good ear, essencial for steel playing, you're fine...

OK, Im taking a metal working and welding class in college. Should I make one, the body and neck, at school and put some pickups and electronics in it at home? I have some extra tuners, pots, input jacks and a humbucker just lying around here at the house. Would it still sound good with a humbucker? And what kind of metal should I make it out of?
OK, so I decided that I am going to make my very own lap steel guitar at school. I will be posting pictures during the build process and when its finished as well as some sound samples. Thanks for yalls help.
Btw, your hardest challenge will be your wood working skills... Just get a nice lump of summit solid... like alder or ash, the usual tone woods... and yes, humbuckers a fine, alot of pedal steels use humbuckers...