Is it possible to replace an Edge Pro II bridge with an Edge Pro without having to rout anything? If not is it possible with an OFR?
i cant answer that but i seen a thread about it here yesterday, try run a search.
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i heard the two arent interchangable and its the same story with the ofr. sorry mate. madpickin could probably verify this for me
Edge Pro II Bridge

Edge Pro Bridge

Similar? yes to your own eyes its probably very similar and direct swap, hmm u think its possible?

Edge Pro-II Stud

Edge Pro Stud

You can see from this picture that the thread isnt the same, and the thickness is way different...so The Edge Pro WONT fit inside the Edge Pro-II stud-wise.

Solving the mystery of Ibanez Edges - http://www.jemsite.com/news/edge2003/index.htm

"# Will not retrofit an old Edge/LoPro, as routing will be required, likewise you cannot put an Edge/LoPro on a 2003 model that ships with the EdgePro. Specifically, the front part of the bridge baseplate (pickup side of the studs) and the knife edge has a different radius, the back (near fine tuners) of the Edge Pro is longer and finally the inside area for the tremolo block needs to be totally routed for the EdgePro bridge.
# Will not retrofit with the new EdgePro-II"
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