Ok so im not a beginner but im also not pro. However, i need a new guitar. I currently own an Ibanez SA160QM and i can't play w/ a whammy bar cuz if i use it too much, the guitar goes all out of tune.

I need a new guitar. Doesnt need to have all the bells and whistles of a pro instrument, but it should be better than the ibanez SA160qm.

I play everything.. literally. And my price range is under $700. I was thinking of a used Fender Fat Strat. Anyone agree? Anyone have any other suggestions?

Thanks guys
A fat strat would be ok. I have a Parker p-38. For a lower end guitar it has a very nice quality. I think I got it around 500 in a shop so you can get it cheaper else where. It's bolt on neck like the strat, has the same s-s-h configuration and I think it will be versital enough for you. It has piezo pickups under the saddles for acoustic simulation which sound exceptionally nice through a p.a. or acoustic amp.
only get the fatty if its a USA or a Mexican, check the neck for warping, bowing and fret wear before you buy it. The washburn WI 64 is a really nice guitar, it costs $300 US now I think. Someone I know has one too, he said his cost $700 cdn.