Hey I was wondering what pedal I should get. I want to buy a distortion pedal I play mostly punk rock and some U2 AVA kind of music. I was wondering what pedal I should buy for a good price not to expensive but it has to have good quality sound . I would also like to get a delay effect pedal for the same genre of music thanks.
I am planning on getting a Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion Pedal. If you go on their site: www.bossus.com you can hear a sample of the sound it will give you. I listened to this, and it sounds nice. If your into a more suddle distortion quality, they also have the Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal. You can also hear that on their site.
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AVA as in Angels and Airwaves? Boss DS1 and a DD3 or DD6.
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definate DS-1, best of them all imho
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Honestly...the boss DS-1 isnt the best imho, its all scratchy and high pitched, i bought one and took it back a week later...its ok if your just starting but i would go for the DS-2 turbo petal...
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I used to have a Boss Metal Zone, but that was too much distortion for me. I then got the DS-1. and i must say, im pleased with it, i can crank it up and get a lot of distortion, or i can turn it down and still get that distortion but not as crunchy and loud.
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why buy a distortion pedal your amp should have that built in id say get a Delay or a chorus pedal
^not all amps have a good distortion.

dd6 and ds1

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for a good cheap pedal i recomend a Danelectro FAB distortion pedal, ok its not the greatest pedal in the world but for the price of the thing (about 20 quid) its pretty good value. and through my marshall (10 watt lol) the war by AvA sounds really good