I have a marshall MG 100DFX. I've had it for about 2 years and all of a sudden no sound was being produced. if i turn the volume all the way up to 10 i got a sound out of it that it would give on about a 2 or 3. When I have it on a clean channel and try to play it sounds like the loud sound is trying to come through but cant. Aside from returning it anyone have this problem before and know what I can do? Also if I were to get it repaired how much would it run? Thanks alot.
I could be cliche and say "It's an MG what do you expect?" but I wont.

It's probally just dieing.. MG's are unreliable..i'm suprised it lasted 2 years.
check your cables by trying another if possible, and check to make sure the input jacks on the guitar or amp aren't loose.
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