Alright i have to play acoustic in youth group this sunday and i thought we'd be doing some simple songs i already know how to play, but i didn't get to pick out the music and some of the stuff is tough. Um first off, wasn't there a thread that listed like every chord in existence? I can't find it.

My main question... many of the chords are two chords put into one... for example C/E or F/C and just many of those types of chords... i know a c and an e and an f but how do you know how to blend the two? a chord dictionary book i bought doesn't cover this so id appreciate help please.
um hi
They're called Poly-Chords. It's nothing more than a chord with the lowest(bass) note something other than the root.


You notice it's a normal C, but instead of muting the low E string like normal, it instructs you to leave it open. There for the lowest note is E but the rest of the chord is still C.


A little bit different for this one; instead of adding a lower note, it takes away the lowest note (F on the low E string, fret 1). Because of this the lowest note is the C note (C on the A string, fret 3).

You can either look them up or figure them out because you're only changing that one property of them. If you have any more questions feel free to post them.