the top piece entitled 'Moog Funk'

Using the 8 track studio at college and Im just in love with the moog prodigy so its a reason to play it, the part where the guitar solo comes in sounds really crap cos there was no pod and I had to DI it straight into the desk (and theres not much i can do with it that way), but meh, please check it out all comments welcome
the syncopated bass riff could use a little work in spots for timing...although i really like it. it's catchy. so far, there's not a lot going on (1:01). oh wait here, the moog kicks in with a tone change. you might want to boost the volume slightly if that's the main melody...it almost sounds background right now. i'm liking this quiet breakdown so far. except the long tone is blocking out the bassline....that tone isn't reallly necessary in this part. the absence of the synth sound for that time, and then it kicking back in after the drum break would just sound sweet. however, i do really like this track, very funky.
I find some of the ideas to be interesting, but it needs to be polished. I agree with garagerocker69 that the bassline was drowned out about halfway through. I would have liked to heard more tone shifts in the main riff, maybe a funky Stevie Wonder style riff. Also put some more effort into the bassline. I will say that I would choose your song over death (I have heard songs on theis site that made me seriously think about that question).
thanks alot, theres more work to come, more of an experiment to make sure i can work the studio and the moog