okay, so i made a thread about this a bit back.
here it is, with links and such.


basically, im wondering about the Epiphone Valve Junior amp head, played through a rocktron 112 cabinet. or, would i be better spending money on a different amp (namely, a VoxAVT30 or a Roland Cube 30.

facts to help you-
-i dont care about effects. in the other thread, people picked the vox/cube because of the effects. they dont matter, i wont be using em.
-ii figure the Epi would be better, cuz tube amps generally get louder then what they are so 5 tube watts should be enough for playing in my bedroom.
-i have a distortion pedal, so once again, the epi's lack of knobs doesnt bother me. although ive heard tube amps should use Overdrive instead of distortion, so any pedal recomendations?
-music styles = bands like Metallica, Slayer, Lamb of God, Nile, etc etc. for soloing.
-id like my rythym tone to be trebly and raw attack, while my lead would be bluesy and smooth.
-im playing with a Schecter Omen 6 ATM, gonna put new pups in soon (SD SH-2/SH-4)

keep those in mind, and thanks for any help.
the cube sounds really tonee and to trebleee
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the cube is kinda tonee and treblee but also kinda floppeee
The Epi would be great for your lead tone wants. I dont play metal, so i cant really help you there, but overall, i think the Epiphone would have the best tone.
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The Epi would be better than the Cube. You will definitely need an overdrive like Tubescreamer to get it into Metallica though.
Gopher I can't get to your other thread any more but it was pretty obvious you want a tube amp. Maybe just forget about the Vox and the Cube completely and possibly look at any other alternatives to the Epi or simply feedback on it.
what do you mean 'feedback on it'?

EDIT-nevermind. the thing is, i dont wanna spend much, but i need a better amp then i have now. badly, and soon.
Yeah I know what you mean and I also love the tube sound much better than SS, and I also know for the price there aren't many tube options. So if the Epi is about it for the money just do a little research on it, Google "Epiphone Valve Junior review" etc or try the amp if you get the chance. If it suites your needs get one.

I'm currently looking for another small amp myself and have been considering the Epi 5W combo and a pedal. I have a crappy MG15W that I got for next to nothing (was barely worth that might I add) and a TSL601 60W all tube combo on the way which I know is gonna be way too loud for home practice, the missus will leave me for sure. Hence the need for a nice sounding practice amp, one that I can do a little recording with too. But before I buy you can be sure I will read everything possible online about it so I know what I'm in for.

Hope that helps

EDIT in fact here is a good link to get you started
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here's the thing.

the 5W epi tube head is a great little amp.
but it depends on what pedal ur planning on running thru it.

i can get pretty ok metal tones with a DS1 and tube screamer, but i plan on getting a jekyl and hyde soon.

i think ur a little silly for discounting the effects on a cube 30. i realize u have a pedal, but at least try the cube 30 effects, because thats going to get u some nice high gain tones too.

if i had chose again, i would still pick up an epi head, but im not really into metal at all.

so its up to ur preference. because i doubt a cheap digitech pedal is going to help get u a great tube metal sound, so maybe u are better off with a modelling effect, like the cube.

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I've heard good things about the epi valve junior

Its a pretty good little amp, and is pretty cheap, and still gives you that tube tone.
Add a distortion pedal like the DS1 or the tubescreamer, and your set...

^agreed with jenny, the cube is a great high gain amp, and you shouldnt be all ignorant and saying that people recommend it for the effects, its a great amp with a great tone(expecially for an SS amp)... Dont assume, just try it out
if i can get a chance, i will, but if i get the Epi, im'a also need the cabinet, in wich case im gonna have to order online.
and the thing is, id rather get a tune now, and use a sub-par pedal for a bit till i can get a good one, then get an amp wich ill have to spend 400+ on later.

thx for the link, btw.
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Uhhh is it really worth getting a halfstack under 50w? Why not just get a tube combo?
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^cuz im pretty sure the combo has a buzz problem, and supposedly, it'll sound better through a 12' speaker then the 8' one in the combo.
plus, itll look cooler.
(thats not the only reason im buying it, but it does look badass when theres 3 guitars and a halfstack in your friggin bedroom)