New song i've been working on for the past few days (i know i just put a song on here a few days ago haha)

Thanks for any advice. Crit for crit

Its a post-hardcore love song for my girlfriend, by the way. Not really that heavy.
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u like avenged sevenfold obvioiusly, it sounds like them, so nice intro

it was okay cause i really didnt like the high cord notes with the heavy intro

so 7/10
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lol thanks. i dont listen to avenged sevenfold, im actually more into metalcore, grindcore and mathcore, but I thought I shold try something new.
Yeah I liked it too, its my type of music. My favourite part was the intro with the palm muted notes with the open notes and I thought it worked well with the chords, maybe you should base the intro for the ending or something, I think it would be nice. Good Work. Care to crit mine?
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its pretty cool, theres some minor things tho, i think you've written the intro riff with the wrong rhythm and it should actually be pushed rather than straight (i can show you what i mean if that makes no sense....) also with the parts where you have 2 power chords at the same time i reckon if you changed the higher part to octaves it might work a bit better cos the 2 chords at the same time clash a little, but could just be cos of the midi and might be fine on real guitars, and final thing in one of the final riffs theres a B natural used in the harmony part that sounds a bit off, but these are all minor things and overall its a solid song, so yea, nice
^ yes if you showed me it would be nice, I don't really understand what you mean.

edit: i understand the rest of what you're saying, just not the part about the intro.
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basically its where the accent is on the last beat of the bar than the first so instead of having a quarter note at the start of the bar its an 8th note at the start of the bar tied to an 8th note from the previous bar, lots of songs in this style do it, it doesnt really make much difference for just guitars but when you put drums to it it does, ive only done it in the first few bars to show you what i mean cos i dunno if its right or not lol, but it sounds like it should be to me anyway....
a hardcore song for ur girlfriend, thats sweet hahhahh, good song not my type though, when i saw the title YOU i thought it would be a slow acoustic song, i guessed wrong
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