do you think a jackson rr5 would be a good choice for my next guitar?
i play metal(slayer, pantera) and some children of bodom type metal
any other suggestions?
i can get it for $1000 so anyother guitars have to be around that price

i was also thinking about a schecter c-1 hellraiser or a ltd dv8-r

the jackson

the schecter

the ltd
(scroll down to the silver one)
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go for the rr5 man!

rr's are good, and also any of the $1000 jackson v's are sick.

also, if you like metal, esp's are insane!!!! you said you like CoB, well alexi plays esp and so does jeff hanneman from slayer. for esp, my personal recommendation is the esp viper. i have one, and its insane. everyone whos ever tried it, metalhead and non-metalhead, said its one of the most natural feeling guitars they have ever touched.

don't get an ltd!!! ltd's generally suck because they have cheaper ****. even if its expensive, which is why you dont wanna get one of the customs. the normal customs are ****ing insane but too expensive, and their ltd versions are okay priced but arent very good. i played an ltd kirk hammett that was like 1000, and it was a piece of ****.
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its better that i get the jackson because i can get it from l&m and i can get sweet deals through them
what color should i get? lol i can decide between black or white with the black pinstrips
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IM gonna tell u to go with the schecter from personal experience. The Hellraiser is so sick
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I say RR5. My friend Kyle has one, and i've listened to a bunch of his recordings and it sounds good for metal.
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