If anyone can help, it's really appreciated. I'm a bit of a n00b to pedals. I wanna create a cool sound like every other guitarist, but I'm a bit limited in money.

First question:
What does a temolo do? I like the sound, but I'm not sure what it is. I know death cab for cutie uses one, but where? I considered the DJ-5 Danelectro for it's price and decent reviews. Am I losing that much between this and the Boss one?

Second question:
I'd like to get an EQ Pedal. Is one of these helpful and worth it? I've heard they can do alot to your tone. My first choice is always Boss..so I've checked out the GE-7. Any cheaper ones I should know?

Third Question:
Power supply. Right now, my boss delay and distortion pedals are on batteries. I probably need to pick up some sort of thing to power my pedals for future use? What should I get? I really don't want to spend too much. Either a pedal board or a power supply that does like 4-6 pedals?

Thanks to whoever can put up with this. I'm saving up for some equipment and this is the patch I'm heading. I'm a radiohead/coldplay/deathcab for cutie fan so any one who can help me go in that direction for my guitar sounds is great. I have a Peavy tube classic 30 and a Epiphone Les Paul Custom.
uhh well from my experience most tremolo pedals have liek and expression pedal but when you hit it, it raises the pitch of the note just liek a tremolo. And for the EQ pedal I would really suggest against the BOSS, dont get me wrong boss pedals are sweet , but for this one the MXR 10 band EQ owns, ive herd the boss EQ gives of alot of backround noise. thats all i know
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Tremolo pedals raise and lower the volume. If you set them 'deep' enough, they will completly cut off your sound, only to turn it back on, repeatedly.
The MXR EQs do own though, look into them. Anyone of these will do, MXR generally makes quality gear.
apparently for EQ pedals, from what ive ehard around here the danelectro one is actually really good for the money, if you're really strapped for cash and you dont wanna fork out for an MXR, Boss one then that might be worth having a look at