I have been playing guitar for about a year and 3 months now using a starter pack squier. I definantly need a new guitar.

I'm looking for an ESP, or Jackson. I don't really want Ibanez because too many people have them.

I was originally looking for a guitar with EMG's because I'm into a lot of metal music (metallica, megadeth, Iron Maiden, Symphony X, Dragonforce, Blind Guardian, and the like). But now I'm going to try out for jazz band next year so I need something that can play clean and EMG's aren't the best for that.

Preferable a tremelo you can pull up on, not just down!

So what would you suggest for a versatile guitar, ESP or Jackson (or any other brand that you like) that can play clean, and still get a very heavy sound? Preferable in the 400-600 dollar range.

PS. Any style too I like V's and regular, and whatever else as long as it's not too flashy.
What's your current amp?
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I'd go with the ESP

for some reason i dont like the necks on Jacksons

i played an ESP AX250 at my local music shop and i loved it, it would be a great metal guitar. the neck was fast and smooth, the harmonics scream, and it sounds awesome with heavy distortion. i think they run for about $500-$550
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Yes 400-600.

My current amp is a Crate GFX-212.

And Screaminblues, I was looking at the AX-250 but it has EMG's and it seems like the only thing it can do is metal. If I tried out for jazzband with it, they might be afraid or something haha.
anything below the 400 series in ESP is not worth the money. if you wanna play some metal and cleans, check a few schecters. no tremolos, bu they're still pretty amazing


or this


i think both have coil taps, i know for sure the classic does, for good cleans
and they can play extremely heavy.

and a schecter c1 FR would be good, if you can find one. but i thinktheyve been discontinued or somethin

edit: also, any ESP's, such as viper or ec 400 with seymour duncan pickups rather than EMG's should suit you well minus a trem.
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