So I got some Grover Locking Tuners for my Squier Strat and I noticed that it comes with little screws and that the tuners have holes for them. My strat neck doesn't have holes already drilled in. When I install the tuners, do I really have to drill holes for the screws or will it work fine without them?
If I were you, I would just fully install them with the screw. It will give them more stability.
The Squier's tuners have little pegs on the inderside that fit into holes in the back of the headstock. This is what prevents the tuners from 'spinning' with the tension of the stirng. The screws with the Grovers provide that same function.

Remove one of your tuners and try to slip one of the Grovers in. The holes may line up perfectly. If they don't then you WILL have to drill new holes for the screws. You can't install the tuners without them.
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