Hey my friend is willing to sell me his Boss Metal-Zone distortion pedal. Its for guitar though and i play bass. Ive tried it on bass and it sounds alright. He wants 20 dollars. Do you guys think I should get it
- considering the price (retail $100)
- considering its a guitar pedal
- considering my Digitech bp 80 is gathering dust, so i rarley use effects (well actually its prolly just because it sucked)

Yes, thats a great deal. Its either that or one of those Danelectro pedals for that price range. Go for it.
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^whats with you ppl, theres one of u in every thread. im a hell of a lot sicker of seeing ppl mentioningg the search button than ppl making redundant threads, worst off, this is actually a pretty unique thread. and ya know what, alot of ppl are new, and they probably wouldnt know the difference between a fender US highway 1 and a dean edge playmate. share wisdom, not hate.

anyways. yes thats a great deal. the metal zone has a lot of low end crunch which should still work well with bass, although it might not be as crunchy. if u've tried it on bass and like how it sounds then hurry and grab it. if ur worried about it being a guitar pedal it shouldn't be damaged at all, the only thing that might go wrong is on the lowest notes might sound a big muddy.
^Because it could save us all time if they would just search.
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but back to thread starter i say yes, buy it, plug it in, if it sounds good or you can find a setting you like or maybe multiple settings you like then hey you got a damn good deal......on the other hand if it sucks then all you're doing is wasting the same amount of money you'd spend to take a date to see a movie.
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These threads get tiring fast. After seeing the same questions day after day, week after week, it gets a little frustrating. Plus if they search, it's quicker for the threadstarter to find the answer they want and more. No need to get personal.
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