alright so im jammin and my drummer says to me i cant hear your amp im like alright so i turned it up all the way and not soundin too good so later this week(tomorrow) hopefully i want to go look at new amp im not looking to spend a fortune something gig worthy and something under 500 hopefully i play alot of classic stuff and most of my own with my band which is heavy rock and clean can anyone help me?!
from what you say, a tube amp sounds the right way to do. maybe check out a fender hotrod? you might be able to get a nice used one under $500.
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he's right, and he plays prs so that's proof.
Peavey Valveking would prob do u some good. Vox 50 Watt too
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I know you said $500, but I'm selling my 2005 Crate Blue Voodoo 120 watt half stack (4X12 celestions) for under a grand. Paid $1300 for it new in November '05. just wanted to shout. WeRd...
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guitarrocka205 i want to see pics and hear clips of your gear in your sig man! lol

Fender HotRod. If you want to play hard/heavy stuff..throw in overdrive pedal infront of it!