when tremelo picking , do i use my wrist or arm? ive heard arm is not a good idea. im not sure.

wrist would be ideal. when you use your arm it might be easier at first but its not really as reliable or accurate as your wrist can be. it just takes time and practice.
i believe you're actually supposed to use your arm for safety reasons regarding the wrist. my sources could be wrong however
SD has given you the most valuable advice for tremelo picking. You may think to play fast you need to be tense and pumped, but that is wrong. I haven't quite got my head around that fact yet, so I'll keep practicing. On the actual question, my understanding is that wrist is the best for accuracy (listen to Steve Morse on the Well Dressed Guitar, although that isn't tremelo, but it is amazing).
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wrist would be the way to go. using your arm would be for chords.

actually i use my wrist when im chording and my arm when tremolo
my its a matter of practice to use the wrist on tremolo
but i fint the arm just as good.. and comfortable..
Yeah but in the long run if you think about it your wrist has more speed and dexterity and its not good for your arm
Yeah, relaxation and accuracy are the keys to speed.

Picking is a fairly complex motion. Everything from your neck down is involved.
I would answer, for tremelo picking, both wrist and arm are involved. In general,
arm motion from the elbow will get you from string to string, you blend in
wrist for dynamics and hyper-speed on a single string.

If you tremelo pick with your hand anchored on the guitar and only using the
wrist (which can be done fairly easily), you're gonna find it very difficult to move
to another string. But, if your arm is blended in with the wrist, you'll be able
to do that much more easily and fluidly.
Definitely using the wrist is superior, doing it from the elbow can definitely cause tennis elbow due to repeat movement of joints, thus wearing out the sinovial sac. it can also cause tendonitis(same for wrist too, if improper exertion).

Using the wrist, will definitely get you much further, doing it from the elbow can make you tire out very quickly, tense up and perhaps damage some of the muscle fibres.

If your technique is improper from the wrist, then you will get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, probably the most common injury that musicians get(yes, even vocalists )

If you relax, use your wrist, then elbow movement is not needed.

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yea thx guys. also, should i be anchoring? i seem to do it all the time and when i don't my accuracy is very bad.

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yea thx guys. also, should i be anchoring? i seem to do it all the time and when i don't my accuracy is very bad.

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I use my wrist , alot easier. Nad i thin k anchoring is more a thing of comfort and habit.
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