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its probably been done but what do you think hendrix's best song is
and not just for sound but musician ship too
personaly i think all along the watch tower even though bob dylan wrote it
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Little Wing
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Little Wing

I 2nd that

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Red House.
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Hey Joe or Manic Depression In my opinion..
They're simple songs but I love them..
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bold as love, little wing, or freedom its hard to just pick one...
I (still, after everything) believe in Billy Corgan.
Musically, Little Wing or Castles Made of Sand.

In terms of overall appeal, Voodoo Child, The Wind Cries Mary, All Along the Watchtower.
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I 2nd that


I 3rd that
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castles made of sand or the wind cries mary
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Little Wing
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Little Wing or Fire
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castles made of sand

I also think some of his bluesier stuff is his best, stuff like Voodoo Chile, Red House, or Catfish Blues.
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all except one is retarded voodoo child is his best song goddamn

Excuse me sir, but did you just call Hendrix retarded?

I'll double post if I'm lucky.
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Are you pondering what I'm pondering pinky?

I think so, Brain, but where would we buy rubber pants at this hour?
1983.... a merman I should turn to be, machine gun, who knows (basically all of the "band of gypsys cd) little wing, bold as love.

The songs I like to play the most are little wing, bold as love, all along the watchtower, and various parts (the ones I can pull off) from the band of gypsys.

As mentioned before I think his best work was with the band of gypsys, but it's all good.
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IMO either Little Wing or Red House
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either Red House live at Woodstock or Machine Gun live at the isle of wight.

Well, I think that 'Little Wing' Live is his best song. The solo is amazing.

I really like...

Izabella when performed live at the Fillmore East with Band of Gypsys.

Jam Back at the House (known as Beginnings on the album First Rays of the New Rising Sun) performed live at Woodstock.

Here He Come's (Lover Man) - especially the version from South Saturn Delta because of the extended intro.
Although I really am not a Hendix fan, I do quite like All Along the Watchtower.

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I have to confess that i cry whenever i listen to Little Wing, but also that i broke a guitar playing Bold as Love, i mean smashing it into the wall. And lately ive been falling for Valleys of Neptune, if you never heard it, which amazingly is quite common, PM me, incredible song.
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Little Wing brings a tear to my eye every once in a while. F*cking incredible song.
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First hendrix song i heard, voodoo child must be the best, but i like the "like a rolling stone" cover intro solo too.
Who Knows? also I really like If 6 was 9 and Third Stone from the Sun, but I know they weren't his 'best'
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voodoo chile rocks, but manic depression says it all lyrically
Little Wing is absolutely perfect, as far as I'm concerned. There is nothing wrong with it, apart from the fact that it ends too soon. But its brevity actually adds to its brilliance. The chords, the tone, the lyrics, the solo, everything is just excellent.
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No way i could play favorite. He's just too awesome to like one of his songs more than the other, although if you payed me enough i'd proably chose little wing or voodoo chile.
Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) - Live at Berkeley *That's my favourite by far*
Wind Cries Mary
Little Wing
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Gotta leave this town

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Voodoo Child and Hey Joe.

They are the best, in my opinion aswell.

To be Brutally honest Little wing is total rubbish and jimmy's talents were wasted on it.
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