im sure im not the only one here in the ug community that has a book or a file used for jsut writing down thoughts, random sentences, etc; but, i was wondering how those of you who do "write" put them into songs? i have a note book full of just stuff. things anywhere from 2 pages long to 2 sentences. some are about being angry, some are about being happy, some are about being drunk, some were writen while iwas drunk. anyway, the point is ive got tons of "material" that could be converted into song format; my problem with it is im not sure how to go about doing so. tips? help? pointers? critisism. . . . . .what ever you can throw at me id be happy to take. . . . . . . . .
Pick a few that you dig, and then write them down on a seperate sheet of paper. Then tweak them a bit so they all go together. I dunno, i'm just talking out my ass really.

btw, what part of Tuscaloosa are you from? I live in Coker.
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