I was playing my guitar on my lunch break and i just happened to be looking at the amp. For about five minutes, intemitantly(?) the led in the power switch was fading out and then back. As this happened the sound changed to what it would sound like with the reverb on( a real echo). Does anyone have any idea what might have caused this. Like i said after 5 minutes it stopped doing it and was back to normal. its just that i dont want **** anything up if i keep playing through it. By the way its a ss amp. please help?
umm...power chord loose? Fuse? If not, then you should probably just take it to the shop. Nothing really that the average person can repair in a SS amp.
Hi, I'm Peter
yeah i checked the power cord but that was all ok. Fuses dont generally do that. They either blow or stay intact, thats why there is fuses. Plus it looked fine and was making good contact. Should i just keep playing through it and see what happens.
Sure. Maybe it was a fluke thing. I had tube noise with my amp once and it just went away so I never bothered changing them.
Hi, I'm Peter
never had a problem with the power lines before, but i was maybe thinking a voltage drop of some kind from the supplier.
This happens to me occasionally. It happens when you play guitar in a building that is using a lot of power (a school with all its lights on, a house with every appliance running). When you play and make your amp reach its peak volume, the led will fade because of the power draw. As long as it doesn't do it at your house, I wouldn't be worried. If it does happen in your house, you might want to get it checked out.