Ok, I've got a Bronze warlock and I seem to be getting a lot of static when I play it on an amp. Sometimes the sound fades in and out, and other times it just lets out a loud humming sound even when on a clean channel. I've already checked and its not my cable or amp since other guitars work fine with them, so I'm guessing that its something to do with the wires (yeah I know, its obvious) since when I opened it up and saw two wires behind the plate completely disconnected. There are two problems I have with this which are:

1) Where exactly those two wires came off of and where they should be soldered to, and...

2) when I opened up the jack connection, I noticed a strand of the wire on the jack isn?t connected which I'm not sure if it should be re soldered on or not.

So if there's anyone out there that can help me,or if you have a pictue of how the wires are supposed to be, it would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah here are the pics, took awhile cause of the damn camera

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this happened to me, just solder the ground to the ground on the jack, and the live wire to the lip.
Yeah, pictures are really nice. I'm surprised that no one has done any BC Rich bashing yet.
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I have seen a fair bit of bc rich haters in here, but that's nice to see someone with a nice perspective. By the way, is pen0r like a penis? A 1337 penis?
The strand doens't have to be soldered on, but if it has hte chance of touching any metal, ou can proabaly get away with snipping it off.

And your other problem I can't hel pyo uwith, the picture is too low res. Can you take a besster picture iwht some better lighting?