ok this is a cover of canon in c it's my first time recording and the recording it self sound kinda bad it's not the hole song but it's what i know so far just wanted to know what other ppl thought
plz be nice http://cloud.dmusic.com/
Pretty good. At times the rhthym goes a little off, but for the most part it flows pretty well.
^ Indeed it was.

Also it's not classical it's baroque

(Sorry but when you take an AP Art History class these distinctions bother you if used incorrectly, lol)
sure satch coulda done a cover in C major (i wouldnt know)

but the original song is Canon in D, by Pachelbel.

ive heard many people call him the first "one hit wonder" guy. i'd rather not delve in that (and notice how ive said OTHER PEOPLE said that, not me, so dont argue with ME about that)
I was expecting you to break out a screaming electric lead somewhere but you can't always win Sounded pretty good from here.
i am learning this aswelll... u played it really good... which tab are u using???
not bad. try putting some lead guitar.

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