The band is called Formulated Fame. They reside in the Toronto area and currently have 6 members. Formulated Fame presents 2 songs that are complete instrumentally. Vocals and bass are being added but they are going into better quality recordings. Have a listen and feedback would be greatly appreciated.
for someone who refers to everything in the thrid person and makes me want to throat stomp them without ever having met them this really isent bad stuff i like it alot actually
yea i hate when people do the 3rd person thing....it's annoying. It's like you are afraid of the crits?

Anyways its good stuff dude , nice tone? how do you guys record?

TBD is a fresh new rock song man , we need more of those rockin' songs. CHeck my stuff out too man!It's in sig..
sorry bout the third person thing. Actually the recordings were done with one mic for all instruments done on one track ... so it isnt the best of quality but it does the trick. We are currently working hard on getting some proper recordings done, it takes a long time to get dead on.