Hi, i've been playing guitar for a bit now, and i want good at playing lead. I maily wanna play blues/rock and some metal shredding(hopefully eventually). I know the minor pentatonic scale shapes, but i was wondering what other scales or patterns i should learn to be able to play good lead and improvise. Where can i find out some theory about what notes/chords sound good together?

Major Scale
The Modes (Aeolian mode is the natural minor which is the relative to the major key)
Harmonic Minor Modes
Melodic Minor Modes
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why dont you take a teacher? it would be alot easier for you to learn that way..
One thing I like to point out, beside evil_empires post, (and I always seem to forget it, lol) is learning what chords are in which key: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/chords/what_chords_are_in_what_key_and_why.html
Also, learn arpeggios. Imo most good solos are based more on arpeggios than they are on speedcrossing a scale as random as possible
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I do have a teacher, but he's a jazz player, and i recently stopped talking lessons cuz im leaving school.
If he's a (good) jazz teacher, he'll be able to help you out tons!
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i find arpeggios too difficult to learn all of them... it would be more useful if you'd just learn your guitar and know by heart which note is where..
so for example if there's an E7 Chord playing in the background... you could play its 9th degree (G i think..) wich would be the tension of the chord
or if you want it to sound jazzy or bluesy... play the 7th degree (C i think)
or if you wanna play safe, go for the 1st degree (E) which will eccet the chord..
arpeggios are good for swips and things like that.