(Slow tempo on guitar only)
A lonely fate awaits the Vagabond
Born to wander town to town
Never anyone to join him
(Bass comes in)
There's never anyone AROUND!
(fast tempo, drums come in)

Oh Lord there's gotta be a way out for him (this reminds me of Jimi Hendrix, I hope I haven't copyrighted this, let me know and sorry if it is)
Besides drinks and herb
Maybe someday we'll find the cure
Until then, so LONG!

Born to wander, Born to roam
That's the life of a Vagabond
So if you're someone with everything
Imagine yourself a Vagabond with nothing

(slows to beginning tempo (jazz) bass (solo) playing only)
The last time I saw him was years ago
Down on Highway 1
People don't care to talk about him or what he is
And that's just wrong

But in the end I fell glad for him
Cause the Lord finally took him home
(Repeat solo with the whole band for like 30 sec. and then fade to the song ending)
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The best band to come from Oz for ages.

Seriuosly though, change the title and I would crit. I'll keep having Wolfmother's singer In my head if you don't.
keep the title, who cares if some other band has it already. there are like a million songs titled, "antichrist", just an example.
oh and i didn't care about the lyrics, i thought they were terrible, no offense. make it more reader friendly
The trouble with nude dancing is that not everything stops moving when the music does.

Ok then.

I didn't think too much of the lyrics. that's basically all I can say.

I like that the music is thought of, but the lyrics weren't of the best quality.