alright, so....I'm writing a song. hahaha ha...ha. yea...I know very little about music theory, I just basically write a poem and throw music to it. But, I seriously need help with writing this song I'm working on right now.

I was just wondering if I could get some help writing this song. If anyone's interested in helping me...you can always pm me or email me(elite_officer1018@yahoo.com), or catch me on aim(heavens dead357) or yahoo(heavens_dead5601).

need. help.

i can wing it but id rather get help from ppl who kno what they're doing.

i feel worthless...

and just so you have an idea of what the song is trying to be like...
the name of it is My heart is in missouri...and i kinda want it to sound like black balloon by goo goo dolls. (sad i kno, but bear with me lol)
I'm pretty sure you'd get more responses by posting the stuff you already wrote on here.
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if you have very little theoretical knowledge...
just go by you ear.. everything that sounds good.. has theory behind it..
listen to the music... and play with as much emotion as you can (that's for all musicians.. lol)allthough i think it would be a good idea to actually learn music
that should help.
alright, thanks...i really havent gotten anything yet, everything i come up with either doesnt fit with the music or it just plain sucks. some ideas that ive gotten tho are:
-i dont know if you think about me but your constantly on my mind
-you make me feel like someone cares
-feels like ive known you forever

and thats about it, and all of those just kinda...suck. im going to start studying music theory but i would like to get this song soon although, my knowledge of this stuff just blows. im going to work on it some tonight. and i'll post back tomorrow to see what i got.
Well, if you don't know theory but are going to start with it, I'm not going to explain it right now. However, if you have specific questions, feel free to ask

Well, the sound of your lyrics is quite sad, so I suggest minor chords. You'll probably want them to be in the same key, so something like Am - Dm - Em will work. You can even throw in a C, F or G in it
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Yeah, if you have a basic chord structure ( Am Dm and Em) you can also throw in some scale-soloing if you want, like in between verses, a Dm solo. it'll sound great.
Am Dm Em..... that's the structure of a blues song (1st, 4th, 5th)
and blues is quite easy to play... that would be a good thing to start with..
The basic chord for the blues is a dominant though.
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Yeah. if youre thinking blues, you could use sevenths on a 12bar pattern. it sounds nice.
alright this all sounds good, im familiar with Am, Em...not so much with Dm tho...but im not so sure if blues is where i want to go with this. Im not really a blues sort of person, although i see nothing wrong with it. So, i'll expirement with it and see what i can come up with.

but ok, be prepaired to laugh until your brain explodes. I wrote the song last night, and it sucks. but if you have any ideas on how to make it better, PLEASE let me know. lol, cause im sure it needs lots of help.

I stumbled over this rock called love
even with a thousand mile gap
the fall was still tremendous
I fell for a girl too far away

Lost in missouri is what i am
ive never met someone quite like you
e'en though it seems useless
you knowing i care is best

The feelings are useless after all
a million miles stand between our porches
so this is why i write this song
you should kno im there in dreams


Through good times we had
there were not bad stragglers
talking about stars in the sky
or the mountains in colorado


just wanted you to know
if i were there
it would be better
since im not, my love is killed


thats it pretty much. i know, it sucks...i wrote it at 5 in the morning so that could be a reason why. but after i revise it and replace words left and right...i think it might be ok. I originally had a 5th verse and a bridge part for it but after rereading them they just kinda...blow. so thats it...if anyones got any ideas for it..im all ears.

also, story behind this (incase it doesnt make sense for whatever reason) is:
i met a girl in missouri a little while ago...i live in pennsylvania. ok, i know this girl is real. ive talked to her a few times on the phone and ive seen pics and her myspace and all...shes not a 30 yr old guy, lol...but i really think shes awesome. and she thinks im awesome...its just too far away. so i wanted to write this song to let her kno how i feel which is pretty useless anyway. but there it is. READ AND WEAP! just kidding...it sucks.
nevermind everyone...i dont care anymore...shes got a boyfriend anyway.

talk about stupid...

..someone shoot me plz

Hey St Jimmy,
Don't Stop, you've got stuff on paper, it might need refining but hold on to it. Find a Muso (pianist perhaps), in your area and work on it.

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Well, when I looked at your lyric the first time, it appealed to me that they aren't like 'hi, every sentence is 8 syllables (?) long with an AABB rhyme scheme', so basically, that's what I see as a good point.

Something I don't see as good is your way of writing lyrics too seriously (for lack of a better word). I mean, everything in the text can be taken literally and you'd know what the song is about. I suggest trying some metaphors and other word tricks There should be some columns/lessons on them on the main site, and maybe on the forums as well

Also, you can make every chord work with every text, so don't worry about that
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alright, ill work on it a bit...the song will have no meaning for me, but it might for someone else, lol...

i'll see what i can work on with word play and maybe some metaphors. keeping the idea of the song a little hidden...

as far as what john said, lol...makes sense to me. lol...

thanks people for the help