I would like to know why this thread was closed. I personaly think it made a great discussion (i myself did not get to participate, but enjoyed reading it). i think it should be re opened and i would to sart off by saying:

I think rock and roll IS dead. I used to not think so, but ive arrgued this with 2 of by buddies (both great musicians with a broad "library" of musical intrests) for a long time and it wasnt but a week ago that i was convinced that yes rock and roll is dead. My arguement that it was NOT dead was how can somthing like rock and roll die in the first place? Compare rock and roll to technology or the human species. technology is constantly advancing; hell, if your computer is more then 2 years old then its considered and antique. Depending on what you beleive; we as humans evolved from monkies. Simply saying that rock has not died, it has just" advanced" or "evolved". I like to think the strong point of my arguement was that rock and roll originated from the blues. The bands in the 60's just "took the next step" and made the change from blues to rock, like most bands are doing today. they are just simply "taking the next step" making music with different sound and calling it somthing different. the way in whcih you make the music and what inspires you to write has not changed.

Why do i think rock is dead? I think that rock and roll is dead beacuse any joker can pick up his guitar and a 4 track and makea song in 5 minutes. the time it takes me to write this thread i could have recorded a song, and burnd it to a cd; no problem. People now take that forgranted. Stevie Ray Vaughan didnt have a 4 track recorder he could carry around in a fanny pack if he wantedc to. he had to go to a studio and have people pressing all sorts of buttons and twist knobs so far this way and so far that way. There was more to getting your music "out there".

What is rock and roll? Rock and roll is the legend of Richard Johnson selling his soul to the devil at the crossroads in exchange for the ability to create music in a way that would change the world. Rock and roll is when Jimi Hendrix set his guitar on fire and kneeled down next to it and did some voodoo looking ****. Rock and roll is saying "kiss the sky" instead of oooooo mother****er im high. Woodtock 69 IS rock and roll. . . .that **** in 93 or whenever it was was just that ****. The first woodstock ended up being a free concert. the 2nd woodstock they burnt down 2 of the stages.
Rock and Roll as you refer to it (The Blues or Blues/Rock) isn't dead as long as there are people playing it and people listening to it. Believe it or not, where I live you find guitarists playing Blues almost everywhere. And as for people listening, a friend of mine says "Everybody likes blues. Some of them just didn't listen to it yet, but they'll love it". I have found that to be true in most occasions.

My 2 cents.
Because there is constantly threads about this and rock is not dead.
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