I bought a vox ad30vt about a week ago, its a great amp, sound clean and nice , but i can't get the right metal sound i want. I don't know why i didn't buy the roland cube, silly me. Now i have two choices. 1. I'll try to sell the vox and buy cube or for 2. i could buy the Boss MT-2 Twilight Zone Mod from keeleyto go with my vox. Which way would be better?
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If youre going on base amp effects just go with use US-high gain and dont turn the gain up "too" high, about half way is sufficient.

And get the crunch from high mids and treble.

I would put a distortion pedal through that sucka though. *nods*


I would say keep the amp, a vox valvetronix amp is a better amp then a cube anyday, thing with the cube is you can play metal better on it but its a bit short lived. I would just whack away at your vox for a bit and save for a better amp, then it would be worth selling it!
What would be a good choice for metal pedal ?
Boss MT-2 Twilight Zone Mod from keeley seems like a good deal.
AD30VT also benefits from a speaker swap. The stock Vox speaker sucks.
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And an EQ pedal. My Vox AD60 can do metal, but it can do it a lot better with an EQ in the effects loop.

Nevermind then, EQ pedals are all but useless before the amp IMO.
You should be able to get a good metal sound out of it. Try all the models, and don't be afraid to use the mids. DO NOT SCOOP THEM.

Personally, I think a distortion pedal on a modelling amp is overkill.

Keep working with it, and if you really can't find it, then get a pedal.
i have the same amp and i bought the boss mt2 for it because of the same situation.. i am totally completely satisfied with it. great metal sound.. actually the mt2 can do many different sounds.. that would be the best choice.. go get the mt2
get a overdrive and boost it, thats what i do.
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Maybe someone who has vox could figure out a Pantera like sound, i can't find it. Its just for now, ill probably buy the mt-2 from keeley
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overdrive doesn't have to be for tube amps. I use a jekyll and hyde on my vox and it can do metal easily.
It says in your sig you have an AC30? Is that typo, you have an AD30?
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yeah, big difference between those two, definitely. HUGE difference.
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I have an AD30VT and a Metal Zone and I found a great tone with it. Great amp for metal if you have a pedal
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Maybe someone who has vox could figure out a Pantera like sound, i can't find it. Its just for now, ill probably buy the mt-2 from keeley

I just use the Numetal amp with full distortion with treble & bass on full and zero mids.

But I get the perfect metal sound out of my Vox AD30VT. USHiGain with full gain, full bass and just roll off the treble slightly with mids at above halfway. Love it.
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Just got the Vox AD30VT and am blown away with the sound.
Couple of things:
1. Great clean amp sims
2. Worked really well with pedals. Had an Electro Harmonix Big Muff, Boss Overdrive/Distortion OS-2 and the Metal Zone MT2 in front of it (all standard pedals,non modded). It coped really well with low and high gain sounds. Am pretty pleased with it so far
3. Found this site http://www.patchtronix.com with plenty patches on it for everyones liking.

Spread the word, The Vox AD30VT is a must have of am amp for anyone on a budget and wanting a decent tone.